Make a statement, embrace the chalk stripe.
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Alexandria, LA
from the new series, What Was Left,on my website
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I really like your taste. It's not generic preppy or simply anglophilia. Thanks for your blog.

And thank you for the compliment! 

Anonymous asked:

Where is the house you took a picture of that is built on bricks, two stories, white paneling, and looks like a "palmetto bluff" style home?

Not entirely certain which one you’re referring to.  If you could give me the date, that might make it easier.  I found one that fits that description, which was on St. Helena Island, SC and it’s from Garden & Gun.  Other than that, most of the houses I like are probably in LA or SC.  Thanks for the question.

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Artemis Design Co … smoking shoes
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Portrait of Frederick Gustavus Burnaby, James Tissot

Commissioned and owned for years by Thomas Gibson Bowles. Now in the NPG in London.

He wrote a few of my favorite books.
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This is so beautiful I would be afraid to even be in this room. 
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Opaque  by  andbamnan