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A Bohemian-Chic Library
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Georgia in 1796 [1945 × 1133]CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS!thelandofmaps.tumblr.com
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Shrewsbury House (1848), Madison IN

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Detail shots of our hand-sewn bellows pocket on a cashmere sport jacket.

(Not pictured - mink fur collar and Hermes scarf lining)

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King George V, Queen Mary, the Prince of Wales and the Princess Royal, portrait by Sir John Lavery
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Map of John’s Island and Wadmalaw Island (including Seabrook’s and Kiawah Islands) : Being territory served by the Stono Bridge. Created by John McCrady Co. for the Stono Bridge Company in 1925. 
From South Carolina Historic Maps collection at the University of South Carolina’s South Caroliniana Library
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Hello old friend. (at Drayton Hall)
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